Marketplaces are custom decentralized frontends for NFT communities.

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Set up environment

Environment variables are required to be set.

  • REACT_APP_CHAIN_ID — the chain ID the app will run on

  • REACT_APP_COLLECTION_NAME — a collection name to include on the app

  • REACT_APP_COLLECTION_IMAGE — a collection cover image to include on the app

  • REACT_APP_COLLECTION_TOKEN — the ERC721 token address for the collection

  • REACT_APP_CURRENCY_TOKEN — the ERC20 token address to use as currency

  • REACT_APP_STORAGE_SERVER_URL — [optional] a server URL to use for listing storage

  • REACT_APP_RPC_URL_X — [optional] a server URL to fetch on-chain data where X is chain ID

  • REACT_APP_WALLET_CONNECT_PROJECT_ID — [optional] project ID to support wallet connect

Deploy your app

  • GitHub Pages — Free static site hosting on GitHub. If you fork or otherwise copy the Marketplace codebase into your own repository you can set up deploys to Pages with the following guide.

  • Other — The build generates static assets that can be easily published to any hosting service.


AirSwap is an open-source development community. If you would like to bugfix, improve, or otherwise contribute to the Marketplace codebase, please see the repository on GitHub.

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