Learn how community members earn by contributing to AirSwap

Protocol fees on AirSwap support development, growth, and upkeep of AirSwap protocols and apps. Protocol fees are routed to two destinations: a contributor tips pool and a voter rewards pool. This guide explains the system and how you can earn for helping to operate it.

Contributor Tips

Each month, a contributions thread is opened on Discord. Communicating your contributions is part of your responsibility as a contributor—help your fellow contributors by clearly stating what you have achieved for the month.

If you have not contributed for the month, always opt-out of receiving GIVE for that epoch. Anyone who did not describe their contributions or opt out will be removed from the circle and will have to be re-nominated for future rounds.

Coordinape epochs are 1-6 of each month to allocate GIVE tokens among fellow contributors based on impact. Individual contributors earn proportionally to GIVE received. In case of a shortfall in protocol fees against the monthly minimum ($30K) then AST is requested from treasury.airswap.eth.

The allocation system is fully transparent. Allocate fairly and honestly!

Voter Rewards

At the end of each voting period, a number of points is awarded based on the number of staked AST used to vote on proposals. Points enable you to claim a percentage of the rewards pool based on the formula

R=B(P/(10S+P))M/100R = B * (P / (10^S +P )) * M/100

where R is the rewards you can obtain, P is the number of points used to claim (multiplied by 10^4), B is the token balance in the rewards pool, S and M are community adjustable parameters (currently set to S = 10 and M = 100). The formula results in rewards being distributed on a smooth curve based on the number of points used to claim.

Trustless Operations

Protocol fees transfer from Swap and SwapERC20 contracts to a Split contract, which distributes balances to the rewards pool and contributor tips Swapper contract, which converts various token balances into a single token.

Rewards and tips do not top up until a withdrawal is performed by a community member—so keep an eye on the split balances if you’d like to help out.

  • Earn a 1% reward to perform distributions and withdrawals on the Split contract. Anyone can trigger these anytime by clicking "Distribute & withdraw for all" button.

  • Earn a 1% reward to perform conversions on the Swapper contract. Anyone can trigger these anytime by clicking the "Swap" button.

In both cases, scripts or bots are often developed to perform these actions and earn rewards in an automated way while supporting the trustless operations of AirSwap.

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