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4.1 Migration: 30 January, 2024

  • All makers must migrate to V4.1 on or after 30 January, 2024.

  • Makers must set a server URL and add supported tokens to the V4.1 Registry contract and approve the V4.1 SwapERC20 contract for supported tokens. AirSwap CLI 4.1.4 supports these operations.

  • Makers should remove all tokens from and revoke approvals for the V3 Registry and revoke approvals for V4 SwapERC20 contracts. AirSwap CLI 4.0.6 supports these operations.

  • Only once all supported tokens are removed from the V3 Registry is all staked AST returned to the maker, which can then be staked to the V4.1 Registry.

  • For questions and support please see the #developers channel on Discord.

Linea Voyage: 8-16 December, 2023

To complete the bonus OTC task for Wave 7: Trading

  • Either make or take an order. If you make an order, you can take it with another account you own.

  • One of the sides (maker or taker) of the order must have a value of $15 or more.

  • If you make an order with ETH, it will be wrapped as WETH, a 1:1 conversion of ETH to make it swappable.

  • If you take an order with WETH, you can unwrap it by clicking RFQ and swapping WETH to ETH on

To make an OTC order

  1. Choose "OTC" from the side menu.

  2. Select tokens to send and receive, one of which must have value of at least $15.

  3. Optionally change the expiry or set a specific taker address.

  4. Sign and share the URL on the AirSwap Discord.

  5. Your counterparty (or another account you own) must take the order.

Your order transaction should look something like this (potentially different tokens and amounts).

To take an OTC order

  1. Find available orders on the AirSwap Discord.

  2. Click one of the links to take it.

Verification may take a few hours but if the swap is valid it will be verified by Intract.

4.1.1 Release: 26 October, 2023

Activate Shutdown: 3 October, 2023

  • On 3 October, 2023, the Activate Voting Portal will shut down.

  • On 5 October, 2023, a new application will be available for staking and voter rewards.

  • The new application will be shared exclusively via the official AirSwap X account and AirSwap Discord.

  • Any unused Activate points will be migrated to the new voter rewards application.

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