Getting Started

Learn how to get connected and start contributing to AirSwap

Welcome to AirSwap!

AirSwap is a DAO focused on decentralized trading systems. Anyone can join, contribute, and earn as a member of our development community. Everything we build is aligned with our mission and generally measured by positive impact on network health and trading volume.

Joining Groups

Once you’ve joined the AirSwap Discord, tag the Ops role to chat with someone who can help set you up with a Contributor role. You’ll then be able to join contributor groups in the #join channel. Although each group does unique work, each is in constant communication with one another and members are often shared. Keep in mind that you can join any group and joining multiple groups is welcome!
  • Direction — Join the direction group to discuss strategic and product direction, draft community proposals (AIPs), create new product specifications, and drive the product development process. Meets every Monday at 1pm UTC.
  • Design — Join the design group to contribute to everything from UX and UI design to marketing collateral and visual branding. Design generally collaborates on work using Figma and meets every Tuesday at 9am UTC.
  • Development — Join the development group to contribute to open source protocols and products that comprise the AirSwap network. Develop Solidity smart contracts and TypeScript web apps. Meets every Tuesday at 6pm UTC.
  • Delivery — Join the delivery group to put our technologies into users hands, grow our communities online and off, develop and foster relationships with other projects and DAOs in the space. Meets every Monday at 1pm UTC.

Finding Projects

Projects are available on GitHub and labeled by group and skills. The "#direction" channel on the AirSwap Discord is also a good place to explore—whether browsing new projects or those in the works, discussing and coordinating with other contributors on what to focus on next.

Proposing Projects

Anyone can propose a project by creating an issue on GitHub. This doesn’t necessarily mean that it’ll be built—that’s up to contributors and based on expected project impact. Some projects are best presented as AirSwap Improvement Proposals (AIPs) to garner community support.
Good project proposals…
  • Make a "business case" for dedicating resources to a project. This could mean identifying a new customer segment or estimating a positive impact on trading volume.
  • Specify a rough project scope of X taking a rough time of Y to complete without going deep into product details—actual specs can be drafted in parallel or after a vote.
  • Present a clear benefit to AirSwap. After all, what we work on benefits us and our community. We ultimately build together with and for our fellow contributors.
Some projects are proposed as AIPs…
  • Proposals that request AST from the treasury must be proposed as an AIP for community vote and if passed will execute on the project multi-signature wallet.
  • Proposals that specify or update parameters or other configurations that impact the functioning of the DAO or compensation structures.
  • Proposals that would benefit from community support as a way to signal importance and impact to potential contributors or the community at large.

Earning for your Contributions

All contributors are welcome to participate in a decentralized earnings process facilitated by Coordinape. Each month, you and your fellow contributors gauge each other's relative impact and "tips'' are distributed pro rata. To get a sense of earnings, and to request to join the contributor circle just drop a line in the "#ops" channel and another contributor can help.

Voting on AIPs

All token holders are welcome to stake their AST to participate in the AirSwap Improvement Proposal (AIP) decentralized governance process. Given the time it takes to read and understand proposals raised each month, voters earn rewards proportional to their stake. Staking, voting, and rewards are all facilitated by Codefi Activate.

Getting Started

Join the AirSwap Discord! Once you’ve decided on groups you’ll be able to tag "Ops" to request access to the GitHub organization. We’re excited to build with you!