Join as a Contributor

Learn how to get connected and start contributing to AirSwap
Once you’ve joined the AirSwap Discord, grab the New Contributor role from #start-here. Once you're onboarded as a full Contributor, you may select roles in the #roles channel. Although each role does unique work, each is in constant communication with one another and members are often shared. Keep in mind that you can select any role and joining multiple roles is welcome!
  • PM — Select the PM role to discuss strategic and product direction, draft community proposals (AIPs), create new product specifications, and drive the product development process.
  • Designer — Select the Designer role to contribute to everything from UX and UI design to marketing collateral and visual branding. Design generally collaborates on work using Figma.
  • Developer — Select the Developer role to contribute to open source protocols and products that comprise the AirSwap network. Develop Solidity smart contracts and TypeScript web apps.
  • Writer — Select the Writer role to craft content showcasing AirSwap technology, develop visuals for social media, and grow our audiences online.
  • BD — Select the BD role to develop and foster relationships with relevant projects and DAOs in the space. Identify opportunities for growth where AirSwap can add value.

Getting Started

Join the AirSwap Discord! Once you’ve decided on roles you’ll be able to tag "Ops" about joining as a Contributor. We’re excited to build with you!