Our greatest chance at success comes from creating a respectful environment where people want to come, stay, and participate over the long term.


The following code of conduct extends the Berlin Code of Conduct.
    Collaborate rather than compete. Add energy by working together, building on each other's ideas, and give without expectations. Pay it forward. Put ideas into action.
    Discuss rather than campaign. The best ideas are developed through iteration by openly discussing, integrating, and updating as you learn.
    Be an ally; not an adversary. Be patient and allow others time to listen and speak. Interact as if you’re face to face. Support other ideas as best you can.
We all work together toward community goals. AirSwap is a positive-sum project with long-term vision. Short-term, extractive behavior is not tolerated.


    No price talk. Speculation is detrimental and counterproductive to our mission. Do not talk about price. Keep discussions about building, growing, and governing AirSwap.
    Respect diversity. This community is built by people across the globe from many walks of life with many perspectives. Honor that diversity; it gives us strength.
    Win together. As members of the AirSwap community, we each share common goals and all share the opportunity to contribute and help AirSwap succeed.


Everyone in the community is excited to have you involved. Let's do this!
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