Connect your MetaMask wallet to the Governance portal

Click on Stake to begin the staking process.

Note there will be two transactions: one is for permission & the second one transfers your tokens to the staking contract.

Staking complete

The dashboard should look like this one below.

Voting with MetaMask Mobile

  • Read through the AIP and make sure you understand what you are voting for
  • Select your choice to vote for
  • A prompt to connect your wallet will open up. Select Metamask and confirm your choice.
  • Sign the message to confirm your vote! (signing does not require any gas fees)
  • Congratulations! Your vote has now been cast! Wait for the voting phase to complete to claim your points!

Manual Unstaking from Deprecated contract

Manual Unstaking

Navigate to the deprecated staking contract in etherscan -> contract -> read contract

Check the AST balance in the contract

Under balanceOf, input your address and click query (querying the chain does not require gas)
Check to ensure that the amount tallies with the amount of AST you have staked
The amount displayed is multiplied by 10,000 to account for the decimal places

Check the balance available to unstake

Under available, input your address and under index, input 0
This number represents the amount of AST available to be unstaked currently. Make sure that this number tallies with the number of AST in balanceOf if you want to withdraw the full amount.
If you have made multiple stakes into this contract, you can check the balance available for each staking event by changing index.
If the number does not tally, either, you have to wait longer to unstake the full amount (20 weeks), or you had staked in multiple batches. Check your historical interactions with this contract in etherscan to find out when you staked, and how many stakes you had made.


Finally, to unstake, head to write contract and scroll to the unstake function.
Input the amount you wish to unstake (it has to be less than the available balance from above). If you had staked multiple times, you can batch unstake by providing the input in an array format [unstake1, unstake2, unstake3...].
Sign the transaction with your web3 wallet and pay the gas fee to unstake!
Remember to multiply the AST you wish to unstake by 10,000 to account for decimals!
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