Learn more about the various roles in AirSwap
AirSwap itself is a community asset owned by its token (AST) holders, operating as an open project with a transparent decision-making and product development process. Both the network technology and organization aim to be maximally decentralized. Community members stake AirSwap tokens (AST) to participate in governance and other community activities and benefits. Ideating, drafting, voting on, and accepting proposals is an open process.
AirSwap is accessible, equitable, and transparent. Every participant and contributor is treated fairly and rewarded consistently. All opportunities are inclusive and available. Decisions are made in the open and contributions are open source. New information is continuously and actively shared throughout.
There are lots of ways to get involved in AirSwap, from generating ideas, to coordinating projects, contributing design and code, and helping to spread the word.
  • Voters stake AirSwap Tokens (AST) to vote on the future roadmap of AirSwap
  • Authors draft and propose new projects and protocols for the community to vote on
  • Developers build new features and products which have been voted in by the community
  • Ambassadors bring community-built software to a wider audience
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