Learn how AirSwap continuously upgrades itself through the community
AirSwap is organized as a decentralized network of contributors using a continuous process called AirSwap Improvement Proposals (AIP). This process is how the community captures, selects, and prioritizes new projects.
Each proposal is authored by one or more authors. The AIP is ratified as a community proposal once it is called to vote and accepted by token holders. Once accepted, the AIP is placed in a backlog for selection by developers. Developers select proposals for prioritization and implementation based on their requirements and feasibility. Once complete, Ambassadors help to deliver projects and bring awareness to a wider audience.
Several incentives to participate are built in. Every 4 weeks…
  • Votes are run for four days on one or more proposals.
  • Rewards are distributed to contributors for work completed.
  • Bounties are assessed and distributed by a project lead.
See a list of active projects, proposals ready to be built, and open bounty categories.
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