A guide to voting in the AirSwap DAO
AirSwap is community owned and community run. Members of the community hold a stake in the project by staking the AirSwap token (AST). Staking the token grants members the right to vote on key decisions.


Decide whether each proposal brought forth by Authors should be accepted and placed into the project backlog for Developers.


Voters stake the AirSwap token (AST) in order to vote on AirSwap Improvement Protocols (AIPs). Voters play an important role in the process, sending a community signal regarding the level of support for a particular proposed feature or idea for Contributors to act on.
Voters work hand-in-hand with other community members to establish the roadmap of AirSwap. By making decisions which will impact the future roadmap of the project, all members of the community hold a shared responsibility for the future success of AirSwap!



To participate in voting, your staked AST (sAST) balance will be used to determine the weight of your votes. AST is staked at a 1:1 rate and tokens are unstakeable from 0% to 100% over the course of 20 weeks and locked for the first 4 weeks.
Staking and unstaking is done through the Codefi Activate platform. Follow the user guides below to learn how to stake your tokens using Metamask.
Several older stakes were left on legacy staking contracts. For those on the original staking contract, the maximum amount available to unstake is 10% every 7 days (until < 100 AST).
There is another deprecated staking contract which follows the same unstaking protocol (unstakeable from 0% to 100% over the course of 20 weeks and locked for the first 4 weeks), however unstaking must be done by manually interacting with the smart contract rather than through Codefi Activate.
If you aren't sure which staking contract you are on, drop us a question in the Discord!


Reading up and informing yourself on each proposal is an important part of the process. Proposals can be browsed, reviewed, and contributed to in the Proposal Discussions (AIPs) category on GitHub. Voters can often find additional context on Discord.
Voting cycles take place every month, where a number of AIPs will be voted on concurrently. You must vote on all proposals in order to earn the maximum number of points. To browse and participate in votes, visit the AirSwap governance portal on Codefi Activate when voting is live. Note that voting is performed off-chain and does not cost gas (ETH).
You can check out when the next voting cycle will begin on this dashboard


At the end of each voting period, voters are rewarded with points which can be used to claim tokens from the rewards pool. The rewards pool is filled by fees assessed on AirSwap trades performed through MetaMask Swaps.
Notes on points:
  • Participants must vote to earn points.
  • Points can be accumulated and do not expire.
  • Points you earn are based on the weight of your vote.
The number of points enables you to claim a certain percentage of the rewards pool tokens.
Learn more about claiming voting rewards here

Unstaking from V1

This will unlock your AST and transfer it to your wallet.
  1. 1.
    Visit this URL to determine your balance (replace 0x000 with your wallet address):
  2. 2.
    Visit this URL, connect your wallet, go to “unlock” and provide your balance amount:
Note: balances have 4 decimals so e.g. 2,500.00 would have an “unlock” amount of 25000000.