A guide to delivering AirSwap's products


Develop our collective knowledge and expand our presence through high quality engagement and productive ecosystem relationships.


The scope of the delivery team revolves around three main areas. Contributors are welcome to propose ideas which will grow AirSwap in any of these areas.
  • Awareness - projects which help to bring awareness to AirSwap
    • Awareness of the product - driving user engagement with the web app
    • Awareness of the protocol - driving new integrations
    • Awareness of our community - welcoming new members and contributors
  • Internal engagement - engaging the community and communicating updates
  • External engagement - identifying and building relationships with relevant projects



Contributors work together on ongoing projects through Discord channels. The delivery team meets weekly to discuss ongoing projects and tasks. Shorter meetings may also be arranged for special topics.


Contributors can find useful information in the guides. They should also familiarize themselves with useful community built resources, which contain helpful statistics and tools for the community.
Those interested in contributing to delivery are also expected to reach out to direction, design and development teams to understand the AirSwap product better.


Contributors are typically the first contact for newcomers to the community - so please be welcoming and helpful to our new friends! Remember to adhere to our code of conduct when engaging with community members.
  • No price talk. Speculation is detrimental and counterproductive to our mission. Do not talk about price. Keep discussions about building, growing, and governing AirSwap.
  • Respect diversity. This community is built by people across the globe from many walks of life with many perspectives. Honor that diversity; it gives us strength.
  • Win together. As members of the AirSwap community, we each share common goals and all share the opportunity to contribute and help AirSwap succeed.
Contributors are also encouraged to participate in other communities, in order to understand and identify potential partners. As an ambassador, you help to represent the AirSwap community, and as such should always behave appropriately - especially in other communities.
Contributors would also need to keep up-to-date with the latest discussions and proposals in AirSwap, so that general queries can be addressed or, at least, pointed in the right direction.
For more information, please refer to our code of conduct.


At the end of each voting cycle, Contributors allocate GIVE tokens on Coordinape to reward others based on their contributions during that cycle. At the end of the cycle, rewards are paid out based on their allocation of GIVE tokens.
Read more on rewards here


Members who are interested in contributing to delivery can reach out to other Contributors in Discord. In general, Contributors to delivery are selected based on language spoken, their knowledge of AirSwap, their connections with other communities, their motivations, skills and visions.
Delivery team members would be expected to read the guides to understand more about AirSwap's product and technology, and to help welcome new members into the community. Once ready, contributors can nominate new members into the circle. If two other contributors vouch for the nominee, s/he will automatically be inducted into the circle and can benefit from the circle rewards.
New members interested to try contributing can also help to create content (e.g. tutorials and guides) and be rewarded in bounties before being nominated into the circle!